Hey All,

Pixelbuilt is officially back up! At the time of this post the server is currently running on 1.10.2 (Pixelmon Generations 2.4). With the new update comes a ton of new and remodelled Pokemon including a bunch of new legendaries, a bunch of new abilities, Mega Pokemon and new items and berries as well! The regions are not open as we are re-coding the whole server but hopefully they'll be back up soon. Expect a few surprises to come with them! If you find any bugs in the server, let us know below:

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Welcome Back!


We're back!

Ryan96t a posted Jan 25, 17

Dear Pixelbuiltians, after a two-month hiatus, I am happy to announce that Pixelbuilt has returned! Almost everything is the same as it was. I won't get into what happened to the server. 

HOWEVER, some things could not be saved. These things include: your Pokemon, your claim blocks, and your claims.

Your inventory, chests, and Ender Chest should all be the same. 

Some things are still a little screwy but we're working to get everything working right again. The server is fully functional, so log on and come join us!

Welcome to PixelBuilt

briahnanicole a posted May 31, 14
Welcome to PixelBuilt, a wonderful recreation of your favorite Pokemon games for the Minecraft Pixelmon mod. Play classics such as Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum like never before. We have worked hard to perfectly recreate the Pokemon regions block by block, and write custom codes for quests, gyms, and Pokemon spawning in order to make your experience as authentic as possible. Become a part of our friendly community and make new friends and memories. We hope to see you soon!
KillerSlovakia Pokemon Platinum region now in jobs
damion_1997 o am trying to get on the server , but it says the server doesnt allow 1.7.10.... help ?